Monday, June 30, 2008

Walgreen Diaper Deal

Just got back from trying theWalgreens Diapers deal, and it was great. I'm going back tonight when hubby gets off work to get some more. Here's how it worked

3 packs Walgreens Premium Diapers-on sale $5.99 each

4 packs DeerfieldShredded Cheese (8 oz.) $2.59 each

Used $5 off 2 packs coupon from Easy Saver cataloge(got a great surprise when the register took $2.50 off my 3rd pack!!!)

Used 2- 2 for $3 coupon for cheese making it $1.50 each

Recieved $5 RR-(like a gift card for newbies)

Total I will have spent- $14.00 for 3 packs diapers and 4 packs cheese.