Sunday, September 7, 2008

$7 at Walgreens

This trip didn't turn out quite as good as I expected (I was hoping to make money off it) but it is still good for $7.00.

4 bags Chex Mix on sale for .99 had 2/$1 coupons & 2/.50 coupons
Aluminum Foil 2 for $1 on sale
Robittusun Cough Syrup on sale $3.99 had $3 off 1 coupon
Crest Pro Health Mouth wash $4.49 - $4.49 RR = FREE!
Simple Sleep Tylenol $3.49 had $1 off Wal coupon stacked w/ $2 off MC
Dora Lunch box reg. $9.99 marked down to $2.49.

I plan on going back to get more cough syrup even though it's not free it's a good deal at .99 a bottle. And the Progressi soup is 3/$4 + I have a $1.10/1 coupon. Will post this transaction later. And I may get more aluminum foil