Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Country Mart Deals

My cashier did not seem too happy about the great deals I got, but oh well. I had saved the Vlasic pickle coupon a while back since it was a PDF file and I've gotten to use plenty of them this month.

7 Vlasic pickles on sale $2 - 7/$1 MC doubled = FREE
3 Betty Crocker cookie pouches $2.19 - 3/.75 MC doubled = .69 each
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn $2.99 -$1 MC doubled =.99
Kotex pantyliner $1.09 - .75MC doubled = FREE
Kotex pads $2.85 - $1 doubled = .85
Pillsbury cresent rolls $2.29 - .25 Mc =$1.79 (not great, but I needed it and still cheaper than store brand)
Best Choice cream cheese sale .99

Total before coupons -$33.58
Total after $7.49


mom_of2boys said...

Great deals! Maybe it was jealousy. =)

Anonymous said...

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