Friday, December 5, 2008

Em's Birthday

Here's the breakdown of costs for my daughter's 4th birthday party. We are expecting 40 adults and 15 kids. Our theme is Hannah Montana.

Invitations $1-Bought paper with a border at the Dollar Tree and printed them on my computer.

Location FREE-Our church's activity center

Decorations & Partyware $8- Some decorations were given to me by a friend, I bought balloons & streamers. I bought some plates, cups, etc at a garage sale & the rest at Dollar Tree.

Activities $16-Printed coloring sheets, played Pass the Microphone, and bought a pull string pinata.

Cake $7-Baked 2 cake mixes in star pan & iced them. Put 4 candles on top that spelled out her name.

Food $25- Crackers, cheese, & pepperoni tray, 2 kinds of chips & dip, Deviled eggs, Veggie tray, chocolate chip cookies, no-bake cookies, pop & juice

Favors $15- Girls got-personalized mixed CD, candy, Hannah Montana braclet, play dough, stickers. Boys got-pirate eye patch, kaladescope, magnifying glass, treasure map. Babies got- board book & fuzzy socks

Present $0-Since we spend so much on a party and she has lots of family & friends that give her gifts, we do not buy her one.