Wednesday, October 1, 2008

$7.34 OOP @ Walgreens!

I thought I'd run to Walgreens before picking up Em from school and it was a great trip, plus I got a really nice cashier which is always a bonus.

2 pkg Quilted Northern Toliet Paper on sale $4 each -$2 Oct. ES -2/$1 MC=$2 each
2 Pert Plus Shampoo on sale $3.49 -$2.50 each Oct. ES-2/$1 MC=FREE
2 Quaker Quick Oats B1G1 Free $2.79 -2/$1 MC= .79 for both!
Sweet n Low B1G1 Free $2.49 -2/.35 MC= .89 each

Now I had to have fillers because Walgreens reqires you to have the same number of items as coupons so I got

Bag of Hairbow $2

For my treasure box at school-

Crazy straws .49
Halloween Tattoos 2/$1
Halloween Puzzle .34

Total after coupons $12.56
Used $5.22 from gift card from rebates
Total OOP-$7.34