Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day in the life of a working mom

6:20-Wake up & get dressed for work
6:40-Eat breakfast
7:00-Wake the baby up, put her in car seat, leave house
7:15-Leave baby at babysitters
7:20-Arrive at work, get papers ready for the day
7:40-Students arrive in my classroom
8:15-Start handwriting
10:45-Lunch & Recess
1:00-Planning Period, yeah!
2:45- School's out
3:00-Pick up baby from babysitter
3:30-Pick up oldest DD from school
3:45-Arrive home, give snacks, computer time for mom
4:30-Do housework, make lunches for tomorrow
5:30-Start supper, play with girls while it's cooking
6:00-Hubby is home, eat dinner
6:30-Girls bath
6:45-I take shower
7:00-Watch T.V
8:30-Read books to kids & baby to bed
9:30-Oldest DD & I to bed


ChildofGod1983 said...

Wow you have a busy life. I do wonder what happens with your oldest DD in the AM? Looking at all that you do when do you find the time to blog and clip coupons?! LOL! Nice to see another woman out there doing sooo much for her family. Keep up the good work.

Carol said...

LOL, I guess I forgot to mention her. Before my DH goes to work he drops her off at a great Christain School. It's small, private and affiliated with the church we attend. She loves it, we love her teachers, and she's learning so much. Since I can't be at home with her it's the next best thing.