Saturday, October 4, 2008

Walmart Date

Hubby and I were restless so we decided to take the girls to Walmart, plus I had a few coupons that were expiring soon. The girls managed to get their daddy to spend some of his birthday money on new books, and I mamaged to get some good deals.

1 Tide travel pack-.97 (perfect for my trip to Mexico) -$1 MC
2 Green Giant Steamers $1.87 each -2/$1 MC
1 Febreeze Noticable Kit $5.97 -$5 MC =.97
1 Gillette Shampoo $2.00 -$2 MC=FREE
1 Betty Crocker Potatoes .78 each $1/2 = .56 for both

Total= $3.56 -not bad